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I Know They Were Monsters

I sat in a monster’s lap one summer and I drank from his glass. It was filled with the most delicious vanilla milkshake I’d ever had.

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Treasuring My Mommy Memories and The Last Times

It was to be my daughter’s last night in her crib, and the first “last” I truly stopped to take in. That night dinner waited in the oven, an article remained unwritten on my computer, and an unbuilt toddler bed sat upstairs, but I stopped.


Curiosity or Anxiety?

My daughter needed to know what’s happening, when. Change of plans agitated her; then she’d wonder what if it doesn’t go as planned? What if something goes wrong? Or if plans did change—why? What was wrong?


Why Can’t I Be the Favorite Parent?

I know why I’m second best. I know that since I’m the one involved in the daily parenting grind, telling her – make your bed, go brush your teeth, get dressed, STOP jiggling my butt! – I’m the prime target for her frustration and anger. I WANT TO BE THE FAVORITE PARENT!

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